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Can the City tow my car out of my driveway?
Pursuant to City ordinances, all vehicles (car, trailer, etc.) must be properly licensed, operable and parked on a paved surface.  If any of these requirements are not met, residents will be given notice of the violations and 10 days to cure the defects.  If the defects are not cured, the vehicle may be towed at the owner's expense.

If your vehicle has been towed by a private tow company from private property you will have to contact the tow company directly.  They are not required to give prior notice before towing.
What can I do about my landlord who has shut off my heat, electricity, water, etc.?
The City does not handle landlord/tenant disputes. However, a landlord/tenant handbook, which outlines the duties, right and obligations of landlords and tenants, can be obtained in the City's Human Right & Relations Department, 5th floor, Civic Center, 444-5055 or at the Legal Aid Society, 500 South 18th Street, 348-1060.

Can I park my motor home in my driveway?
City ordinances allow you to park recreational vehicles (boats, campers, trailers, etc.) that are 20 feet long or less in your driveway, on a paved surface adjacent to the driveway in the side yard, or on a paved surface in the rear yard.  You may also be subject to recorded covenants which limit this type of storage; however, the City does not enforce covenants.

Do I have to license my cat or dog?               
All cats and dogs must be licensed annually.  If you own four or more dogs, you must apply for a kennel license. 

If you own five or more cats, you must apply for a cattery license. 

For specific information regarding the keeping and harboring of animals, contact the Nebraska Humane Society at 444-7800, or at the link below.

Dog and Cat License Notice for Residents of Omaha