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Jeff Bloom, Assistant City Attorney

Claims and Investigations:
Claims and Investigations routinely handles claims filed against the City, its employees or agents where there is potential liability. 

The City of Omaha has many of the characteristics of a private person or private company.  For instance, the City may suffer damages as a result of the acts of other persons.  When this occurs, the City is free to file claims to recover its damages.  For example, if a private citizen hits a traffic light pole causing damage to the pole, the City may take legal action to protect its property and recover for damages caused by others to the same extent as any private citizen or company.

Similarly, private citizens can and do make claims against the City. The Political Subdivision Tort Claims Act allows private citizens to bring certain types of claims against governmental entities such as the City. For example, this Act would allow a private citizen to recover damages if he were involved in a traffic accident involving an Omaha police cruiser if it was found that the cruiser's driver was at fault.

Like most private persons, the City prefers to settle disputes without resorting to litigation whenever possible.  The Tort Claims Act even encourages this by requiring that a citizen claimant have his/her claim filed and evaluated by the City prior to filing a lawsuit in state court.

How to File a Claim through the City Clerk's office.